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Stanley from Nasierowo

The Catholic Priest, Collegiate Canon Stanley from Nasierowo was a Canon in Warsaw Collegiate (as we assume). According to Wislocki we know that Stanley was an owner of the book Decretum Gratiani or Concordia discordantium canonum, published in Basel (1486).[1]

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Andrew from Nasierowo

Landlord of Nasierowo Andrew from Nasierowo was mentioned as Nasierowo landlord in Volume 3 of Metryka Koronna – registry of Mazovian Prince Janusz Starszy (1414-1425) Register. Metryka Koronna was a document in which Prince administration confirmed (i.e): – granted lands

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Pawel from Nasierowo

Chancellor of the Płock Cathedral Chapter Paul from Nasierowo was a son of Wisław from Nasierowo. Paul was ordained as a priest, he worked in Płock. In c. 1423, after the death of Stanisław Dobiesławowic, he was elected Chancellor of

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